Keren Dukes

"A beautiful actress all around. She's a force!" -The Harrison Review

Fun auditions today & tomorrow

So I had an appointment for this HBO Go Promo for Game of Thrones today. It was really fun. I watched an episode last night.. ya know.. "did my homework" lol And I think this is my new show!! I dunno what in the world is going on with Scandal. It hasn't been on for 3 weeks! I haven't even checked back but maybe I will tonight. Anyhoo, Its on like donkey kong with Game of Thrones. 

Also i had to literally run to this other audition that I made by the skin of my teeth. It was for The Classical Theater of Harlem's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Would love to do it!! I absolutely love Shakespeare. 

Now I'm sitting in a cafe in queens looking forward to La Cantata! I'm playing Pilot's Wife :-)

Til we meet again,

Kere D

Oh tomorrow I'm playing an exhausted wife in a mattress store hehe silly