Keren Dukes

"A beautiful actress all around. She's a force!" -The Harrison Review

Crazy Vivid Dream the other night

Ive been having really vivid dreams lately.  Night before last night I had one about these ppl who owned the city and they were trying to kill us! They owned these really beautiful hotels and ritzy halls. And I remember walking down this huge, elaborate, expansive corridor and everyone being so prompt at getting us what we needed, like concierge. They were very helpful and polite. I felt like I stepped into the Ritz carlton or The Grand.

So cut to the next scene and I'm in the elevator with Alisa (my roommate and one of my best friends) and It seems like I have been roofied or knocked out or something. I was coming to myself and Alisa had already been up for a lil bit and it was as they had been talking to her. As I was coming to myself I noticed that I could only see out of my right eye. Something had been done to my left eye. my right shoulder was up against the wall and I could see Alisa moving around on my left side out of my right eye. There was a camera in the room. I couldn't see it but somehow I was very aware that we were being watched and manipulated. The interior of this elevator car was changeable. They made a bench come up out of the floor and they could also make the flopr move like a sideways treadmill. 

So before Id awakened, they told Alisa to place a little sticker on the upper left region of my forehead so they could shoot me there. Somehow I knew it. I started whispering to Alisa telling her - Oh no thats right, I was talking full voiced and then she said for me to stop talking because they could hear us and see us. OK. Then I whispered for her to tell me when to duck. Because their plan was to put the sticker on, open the door for her to get out and then close them and shoot me. When she put it on, I know they were gonna shoot AS she was leaving, so I ducked as soon as the doors opened and ran out. 

Now we are both running down the corridor and no one has really caught on, or maybe they knew what was going on but did make haste or chase after us as to k=not scare the other" guests" or something. I dunno. But someone was def after us. I felt like they were running behind the walls to get us or something. I dunno. Anyway. I make it outside and I see a lisa didn't make it. Im out in front. I fall to the ground crying and screaming. There is construction going on out here and lots of fast traffic going by and then Leah is there . She is trying to console me. I was crying so hard that I lost my voice and my physical body actually woke me up out of my dream because it had actually been going through the feelings. Literally it was reacting to the feelings. I felt that I had actually been crying and sobbing and heaving. my stomach was tight and face felt tired from being contorted.

This dream happened after prayer line at 6am. Before 6, I had a dream that people were trying to kill us. In this dream they weren't being coy or clandestine about it at all. They were just shooting us on the street. Then they would manually and thoroughly clean out our innards. I guess they were going to use our bodies as shells. Like they were gonna put some other spirit in there or something. I dunno. So some of us were trying to blend with the dead bodies on the street or in this building, I can't remember. I was lying there and this brown girl with natural hair pointed me out to the man who was doing the clean outs. He was a scrawny, scrappy middle aged white guy with dark hair. She said "Her. Take her. " and pointed to me. I could see this happening through my eye lids. Then he grabbed my body and put me on the lab table. He put on a really long plastic glove that went almost all the way up to his shoulder and he literally reached into my body like how they do the cows when they are trying to pull out the baby if its breached or something. And I think he was trying to pull out my heart or some organs or something. But he couldn't. I heard him describing to the girl that he couldn't grab anything because the muscles were fighting back. They were clinching and he couldn't get to anything. Meanwhile the girl knew i was alive when she pointed me out. While he was doing this, She was looking me right in my eyes with such a sinister look. I couldn't bare the pain anymore and was somehow pulled out of the dream. My physical body had been going through the feelings. I had such discomfort in my stomach chest and throat.