Keren Dukes

"A beautiful actress all around. She's a force!" -The Harrison Review

I've decided to share this...

So I wasn't going to post this but I must.

Yesterday during service, in the midst of praise and worship, I saw something that moved to tears.

Wow. I hadn't shared this with anyone until now..

While we were worshiping, I saw the form of a person sitting on the floor, (butt to heels) back to the stage knees to the congregation and palms up. I could only see the shape of the body because the light that this form was generating was so BRIGHT. The feeling of love and forgiveness and power was so overwhelming to me. I know that everyone HAD to be feeling this presence because I saw this light washing over the crowd. But the part that had me amazed was that as the light rolled over everyone, I saw that what was receding was a darkness that I dont wanna see again. There were these dark creatures scrambling and crawling about. They were like shadows really... I dont know. Pure evil is the only way I can describe them. Evil, seething, opportunistic (even on the way out), sneaky.  But they were scrambling (silently) to get out of the way of the light. Until they were gone.

When I was lying in bed last night I was thinking about this and what stood out was that the darkness, the hateful beings were defeated by this lone being that seemed to be the absolute embodiment of Love itself. Theres no way I can efficiently describe the feeling coming off of Him. I know it was Jesus. The remembrance of it right now is actually moving me again.

Anyway, the light totally conquered the situation and effortlessly drove away the darkness. And Im also certain that it was the praise and the worship that brought down the presence of God.

Then after the message Bruce and Glen had the congregation assume that same position!! They had everyone get on their knees to pray! It was as if they had seen it too and now it was our chance to assume that position and be filled with that love and light that was present all around us. 

It was quite an experience; to say the least. And I hope I was able to make it plain and clear. I had to share it with someone else.

Don't let those nasty gremlin dragon shadow thingies get into you. They are always looking for an opportunity to occupy you. Always. And they are very deceptive. Protect yourself by being careful of what you watch, listen to, what environments you put yourself in and who you surround yourself with. Malevolent and negative spirits can enter in through dark music, tv be transfered from person to person. Allow yourself to be occupied by the HOLY Spirit. No other spirits allowed. When He is present, darkness, heaviness and evil can't remain. Ask for Him to come into your heart and He'll never leave.

Love always,

Kere D