Keren Dukes

"A beautiful actress all around. She's a force!" -The Harrison Review

Fun auditions today & tomorrow

So I had an appointment for this HBO Go Promo for Game of Thrones today. It was really fun. I watched an episode last night.. ya know.. "did my homework" lol And I think this is my new show!! I dunno what in the world is going on with Scandal. It hasn't been on for 3 weeks! I haven't even checked back but maybe I will tonight. Anyhoo, Its on like donkey kong with Game of Thrones. 

Also i had to literally run to this other audition that I made by the skin of my teeth. It was for The Classical Theater of Harlem's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Would love to do it!! I absolutely love Shakespeare. 

Now I'm sitting in a cafe in queens looking forward to La Cantata! I'm playing Pilot's Wife :-)

Til we meet again,

Kere D

Oh tomorrow I'm playing an exhausted wife in a mattress store hehe silly

Crazy Vivid Dream the other night

Ive been having really vivid dreams lately.  Night before last night I had one about these ppl who owned the city and they were trying to kill us! They owned these really beautiful hotels and ritzy halls. And I remember walking down this huge, elaborate, expansive corridor and everyone being so prompt at getting us what we needed, like concierge. They were very helpful and polite. I felt like I stepped into the Ritz carlton or The Grand.

So cut to the next scene and I'm in the elevator with Alisa (my roommate and one of my best friends) and It seems like I have been roofied or knocked out or something. I was coming to myself and Alisa had already been up for a lil bit and it was as they had been talking to her. As I was coming to myself I noticed that I could only see out of my right eye. Something had been done to my left eye. my right shoulder was up against the wall and I could see Alisa moving around on my left side out of my right eye. There was a camera in the room. I couldn't see it but somehow I was very aware that we were being watched and manipulated. The interior of this elevator car was changeable. They made a bench come up out of the floor and they could also make the flopr move like a sideways treadmill. 

So before Id awakened, they told Alisa to place a little sticker on the upper left region of my forehead so they could shoot me there. Somehow I knew it. I started whispering to Alisa telling her - Oh no thats right, I was talking full voiced and then she said for me to stop talking because they could hear us and see us. OK. Then I whispered for her to tell me when to duck. Because their plan was to put the sticker on, open the door for her to get out and then close them and shoot me. When she put it on, I know they were gonna shoot AS she was leaving, so I ducked as soon as the doors opened and ran out. 

Now we are both running down the corridor and no one has really caught on, or maybe they knew what was going on but did make haste or chase after us as to k=not scare the other" guests" or something. I dunno. But someone was def after us. I felt like they were running behind the walls to get us or something. I dunno. Anyway. I make it outside and I see a lisa didn't make it. Im out in front. I fall to the ground crying and screaming. There is construction going on out here and lots of fast traffic going by and then Leah is there . She is trying to console me. I was crying so hard that I lost my voice and my physical body actually woke me up out of my dream because it had actually been going through the feelings. Literally it was reacting to the feelings. I felt that I had actually been crying and sobbing and heaving. my stomach was tight and face felt tired from being contorted.

This dream happened after prayer line at 6am. Before 6, I had a dream that people were trying to kill us. In this dream they weren't being coy or clandestine about it at all. They were just shooting us on the street. Then they would manually and thoroughly clean out our innards. I guess they were going to use our bodies as shells. Like they were gonna put some other spirit in there or something. I dunno. So some of us were trying to blend with the dead bodies on the street or in this building, I can't remember. I was lying there and this brown girl with natural hair pointed me out to the man who was doing the clean outs. He was a scrawny, scrappy middle aged white guy with dark hair. She said "Her. Take her. " and pointed to me. I could see this happening through my eye lids. Then he grabbed my body and put me on the lab table. He put on a really long plastic glove that went almost all the way up to his shoulder and he literally reached into my body like how they do the cows when they are trying to pull out the baby if its breached or something. And I think he was trying to pull out my heart or some organs or something. But he couldn't. I heard him describing to the girl that he couldn't grab anything because the muscles were fighting back. They were clinching and he couldn't get to anything. Meanwhile the girl knew i was alive when she pointed me out. While he was doing this, She was looking me right in my eyes with such a sinister look. I couldn't bare the pain anymore and was somehow pulled out of the dream. My physical body had been going through the feelings. I had such discomfort in my stomach chest and throat.

I've decided to share this...

So I wasn't going to post this but I must.

Yesterday during service, in the midst of praise and worship, I saw something that moved to tears.

Wow. I hadn't shared this with anyone until now..

While we were worshiping, I saw the form of a person sitting on the floor, (butt to heels) back to the stage knees to the congregation and palms up. I could only see the shape of the body because the light that this form was generating was so BRIGHT. The feeling of love and forgiveness and power was so overwhelming to me. I know that everyone HAD to be feeling this presence because I saw this light washing over the crowd. But the part that had me amazed was that as the light rolled over everyone, I saw that what was receding was a darkness that I dont wanna see again. There were these dark creatures scrambling and crawling about. They were like shadows really... I dont know. Pure evil is the only way I can describe them. Evil, seething, opportunistic (even on the way out), sneaky.  But they were scrambling (silently) to get out of the way of the light. Until they were gone.

When I was lying in bed last night I was thinking about this and what stood out was that the darkness, the hateful beings were defeated by this lone being that seemed to be the absolute embodiment of Love itself. Theres no way I can efficiently describe the feeling coming off of Him. I know it was Jesus. The remembrance of it right now is actually moving me again.

Anyway, the light totally conquered the situation and effortlessly drove away the darkness. And Im also certain that it was the praise and the worship that brought down the presence of God.

Then after the message Bruce and Glen had the congregation assume that same position!! They had everyone get on their knees to pray! It was as if they had seen it too and now it was our chance to assume that position and be filled with that love and light that was present all around us. 

It was quite an experience; to say the least. And I hope I was able to make it plain and clear. I had to share it with someone else.

Don't let those nasty gremlin dragon shadow thingies get into you. They are always looking for an opportunity to occupy you. Always. And they are very deceptive. Protect yourself by being careful of what you watch, listen to, what environments you put yourself in and who you surround yourself with. Malevolent and negative spirits can enter in through dark music, tv be transfered from person to person. Allow yourself to be occupied by the HOLY Spirit. No other spirits allowed. When He is present, darkness, heaviness and evil can't remain. Ask for Him to come into your heart and He'll never leave.

Love always,

Kere D

And We're Off!

So Pilot Season has officially begun. The word God has given His people this year is that this is the year of abundance in every aspect of our lives; our relationships, ministries, careers, in revelations, in favor etc. We are only 28 days into the new year and I have found that to be the absolute truth. I believe God. Can never go wrong with that. Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him as righteousness. There ya go. Its not works. Just believing is all it takes. Unwavering Faith is the active ingredient in the mixture of your dreams. IF you decide to believe it's going to be an abundant year, then it will be. If you doubt that its going to be an abundant year than it wont be for you. Simple. Just Believe it.

One of the many blessings was realized today. Clint Alexander (FOX) called me in to put me on tape for a series regular role on a pilot. It went well! It was fun, relaxed and sincere. And their reaction to my read was stronger and more positive than I would've thought it deserved. I did a good, solid, truthful job but wow :-)

Last night, instead of being a ball of nerves, as was my custom last year, I found myself actually excited and ready!! What a change. I felt that energy change and activate something in the spiritual realm in my favor :-) I felt the Holy Spirit go ahead of me. 

Theres a newness in the spirit that I've latched onto and won't let go of.  Its caused a boldness that I've never had before. 

Fight to believe.

Kere D

Chocolate Cake Bliss

Yesterday I had chocolate cake in bed and the sun was coming thru the window so beautifully. I felt so happy, peaceful, loved, satisfied and centered lol I had to take pics. Enjoy.

Oh and saw an awesome quote on a friends page.


Kere D

My Incredible adventure

January 11, 13

Today has been. Incredible. It blows me away!! Let me start with saying how for the past week I will have thought about or mentioned something and that same day or next day Ill see, hear or bump into the very thing I thought about or spoke about. For example, I was on the bus on the way to evanelize with tyrone, Michael, the French guy and Robby and we were riding past this clothing store called regine’s. I saw it and trying to make conversation I said “you guys remember that show Living Single? Theres a store over here called regine’s. They don’t sell anything fancy though. Looks like uniforms.” Later that day, some of the kids at my job started singing the song to Living Single! Little things have been happening like that consistently!

So Wednesday night, I had the sickest feeling in the pit of my stomach and a lil panic in my heart really out of nowhere. The thought came to my mind that I needed to meet with my agent because I hadn’t been there in a while and the fear that they might drop me raced thru my mind. I sat up and began rebuking the devil and his seeds and covering my mind and career in the blood of Jesus and began declaring what I DO want. When I was done, I emailed Stayce about dropping by on Friday. She said 12:30. Done. I emailed the assistants about what Stayce and Doug would like as a present. She recc wine. Stayce likes red, and doug likes white. Done.

Today is Friday. This morning I bought the wine (I know nothing about wine really lol) Stopped pass alisa’s job so she could approve and went on my way. I wanted to bring the assistants something so when I got in front of the building I called in to see what they wanted from starbux. No one bit. So I went on in.

I get to the 16th flr , checked in with reception, stayce comes out and is saying “Keren!! I missed the Starbucks call!!” hahha and we start laughing and chatting in the lobby. An actor who was waiting on the sofa when I came up. Stood up and came over to us to talk to Stayce. I turn around and there is davine!! Last night I thought about her and nearly text her about cellgroup! Nuts. We start talking about going to see a movie Saturday night and then I mention how I wanna sign with Paradigm Legit. Then Stayce finishes up her convo and calls me over. We later talk about how I know Davine.

To sum up my meeting with the team in one word.. I can’t, it was as if we were starting over afresh. They were genuinely happy to see me. We talked about everything under the sun. They were asking about me and my life and what I’m up to etc. How they love representing me. Asked me was I having fun at my auditions and for me not to worry. All those callbacks and holds are great signs that casting loves u etc. I told them how David Vaccari knew my name when I bumped into him on the elevator! Crazy. They LOVED my hair. I love the assistants Kelly and Olivia. Sooo kind and hardworking! And I must get headshots taken ASAP. Lol I’m calling Audrey tonight or emailing her or something.

Where was I.. Yeah that went great. I then emailed a manager that I work with. While I was at Paradigm a few agents from legit were peeking over at me. Probably just looking lol not much else going on in the office. So I emailed him to see if he could try and get me a meeting with legit. He said Yes! He said he cant make any promises but he’ll ask! That’s all I need is a willing vessel. God’ll do the rest. I am going to have a meeting with them.

Then I headed over to the general area of my 3:30 appt for the print job at 3 of Us Casting. On my way I bump into my friend Mia whom I was just speaking about with my roommate this very morning!!! Crazy!! It was a blessing to see her. I get to a starbucks sit down and im on the mac working on this website. My friend Ben texts me and he’s having a stellar day too. He traded a 620 million dollar account today. Nuts! Go Benji J Everyone is having an awesome day.

I go to the audition. Its fine. Kinda awkward because we go in in threes and my group and I cant stop giggling. It was funny. I go to pack my things and I see this sign saying DOUGLAS AIBEL/HENRY RUSSELL BERGSTEIN. They are casting a film. Theyd called me in before when I was with Leading Artists. Before the new year I made a note on my desktop that says write coverletter and submit to Douglas Aibel and Henry Russell Bergstein. I made that note on (Lets look) November 19th.  And here they were. A woman came out of their studio and threw out her script. Geuss what the character’s name was… Karen. I said ok. I hear you Lord. A couple minutes later, Henry comes out of the studio and over to reception. Then, he turns around and I start talking to him. He’s totally interested and receptive and he remembers that I came in for I Don’t Know How She Does It. And he asks what I’m doing now etc etc. I give him my headshot and res and he says I look great and it was good to see me again etc. The man is gonna call me in! I felt it. I believe it, more importantly.

So then, I’m off to biblestudy at Columbus circle. Coming out of the door I bump into my friend Luke!!! Who helped me and my roomies move in. We had JUST spoken about him the night before!

All that to say that this day was led by the Holy Spirit. I know it! And I felt a shift in the spirit; A victorious shift. The Lord is taking us all higher to bring glory to His name. There will be even more favor and grace for His people in 2013.